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At 4GeniusMind, we understand how important your Apple devices are to you.

iWatch Repair

At 4GeniusMind, we understand the significance of your iWatch as a wearable device that keeps you connected and helps you track your fitness goals.


Screen Replacement


Battery Replacement


Charging Port Repair/Replacement


Camera Repair/Replacement


Home Button and Touch ID Repair/Replacement

At 4GeniusMind, we use genuine Apple parts and follow industry best practices to ensure the highest quality repairs for your iWatch. Our skilled technicians perform precise diagnostics, professional repairs, and thorough testing to guarantee customer satisfaction. Trust us with your iWatch repair needs, and we’ll provide reliable and efficient services to restore your iWatch’s functionality. Contact us or visit our store today to benefit from our expert iWatch repair services.

Screen Replacement

Cracked or Damaged Screen: If your iWatch’s screen is cracked or shattered, our technicians can replace it with a high-quality replacement screen, restoring both functionality and visual clarity.
Display Issues: If you experience display abnormalities such as flickering or unresponsive touch, we can diagnose and replace the faulty display component.

Battery Replacement

Poor Battery Life: If your iWatch’s battery drains quickly or doesn’t hold a charge as it used to, we can replace it with a new, genuine Apple battery, ensuring extended battery life and uninterrupted usage.
Battery Health Assessment: Our technicians can evaluate your iWatch’s battery health, providing insights into its overall capacity and recommending a replacement if necessary.

Charging Port Repair/Replacement

Charging Issues: If your iWatch is not charging properly or has intermittent charging problems, we can repair or replace the charging port to ensure a reliable charging connection.

Digital Crown Repair/Replacement

Non-Responsive or Sticky Digital Crown: If your iWatch’s digital crown is unresponsive or difficult to turn, our technicians can repair or replace it to restore smooth and precise scrolling and navigation.

Strap Replacement

Damaged or Worn-Out Strap: If your iWatch’s strap is damaged, worn-out, or needs an upgrade, we offer a variety of replacement options to suit your style and preference.

Water Damage Repair

Accidental Water Exposure: If your iWatch has been exposed to water or any other liquid, we offer professional water damage assessment and repair services to prevent further damage and restore functionality.

Software Solutions

WatchOS Updates and Upgrades: We can assist you in updating your iWatch’s watchOS to the latest version, ensuring you have access to new features, improved performance, and bug fixes.
Software Troubleshooting: If your iWatch is experiencing software-related issues such as unresponsiveness, app crashes, or syncing problems, our experts can diagnose and resolve these issues efficiently.

Heart Rate Sensor and Health Tracking

Accuracy Issues: If your iWatch’s heart rate sensor is not providing accurate readings or if there are issues with health tracking features, we can diagnose and repair or replace the necessary components.

Data Sync and Transfer

Data Synchronization: We can assist you in synchronizing your iWatch with your iPhone, ensuring that your data, including health and fitness information, is properly synced and up-to-date.
Data Transfer: When upgrading to a new iWatch, we can securely transfer your data, including preferences, settings, and activity history, from your old device to the new one.

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